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Is this game still being updated?

You should add a button to hide the textbox, so that we can see the models completely and not just from the waist up.


That's called the "H" Button, I believe lol 


Cool! And for the android version?


Is the game done for?


Nope. An update was just posted, sorry :D 

Will there be an update soon

I hope so. (laughs) I just released an update for my other game "Rescue the King!" on Patreon - t'll be out on the 1st on Itch. Now I can focus on trying to work on Grizzly Tech for the rest of the montth, and fingers crossed, I'll have an update out by early next month. 

You might want to change your landing page for this VN and Rescue the King. I couldn't find a link to your patreon on either of your games. 

Hmm. How do you mean? 

I think Jeare is suggesting you include a link to your Patreon with your games's descriptions. In the meantime, it is here ❤️

Oh! Sorry :D I guess I'll update those. :D

Another update yay thank you I been waiting for it since last month

Ayyyyy thank you for not forgetting about this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️


No problem! I'm going to try to finish more of the chapter this month (fingers crossed)

Overall I liked this update! A minor bug still appears in the route where you agree to the nanotherapy, it says something like "fadee" not defined.

I can see that you have worked on all routes and the story is unfolding, and I look forward to how it will turn out in the future! Ain't gonna lie though I wish I could get like 1 or 2 CGs with the added content ;)

Oh. Fixed. Thanks :) And as for CGs... we will see. :)

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maybe the creator is very busy (there's pandemic, i'm sure he is), or maybe he dropped it

idk, but instead of waiting every day, let's just try to forget it, and try again next year lol

Low blow, but I do deserve that. LOL. I'm attempting to change my ways of working on this thing, and still learning. This is my very first published VN, and I have a lot to learn about how to do things. 

Still no...?


Any... rumors about updates?


I'm checking this site every weekend for weeks now and yet no update released . just letting you know that there are people that are actually waiting (maybe crave loL ) for new release. 

Me for example :V


Don't worry. I should have a release in a week after it's on Patreon for the Patrons. I'm preparing to get it set up, though. Chapter 7 is pretty much done. 


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Really? If you can give me a sentence or a screenshot if you can - then I'll fix it asap :) I've been trying to squash those out. 

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Heh. That's fine. I'll see if I can find it. Although chances are I already fixed it. :) 

Deleted post

Yup I am. I'm just slow. Haha. 

Hello Thanks for the game

But The game Has scenes +18? Erotic

It will :) I just have to put them in :D 

Do you have a patiron page?

Ah yes. I’m at Griffonheart Designs :)


I liked the story so far and how the MC character looks like. I think your VN would be improved if there were more decisions from the user, I think it would be good if there were more decisions to be taken by the user, even if they outcome are minimal, VN are expected to be interactive works. Also it would be a nice touch to the experience if you include some sounds or background music.

I can't wait for future updates, keep up the good work. Is your novel, Grizzly Science, already published somewhere?


Spoilers, sweetie. To quote Riversong from Doctor Who. Lol. But yes there is a published version. 


Grants and Brent are such dreams. Brent is so sweet and the way Grant feels about Brent are so cute. Can't wait for more "fun" stuff.

Thank you! :)


Any plan for a small update? :)


Hopefully soon! I'm trying to get chapter 7 completed, an inch at a time, haha. Thank you for asking. 

Great to know! I look forward to how it turns out


This is very enjoyable and mysterious can't wait for more


Great visual novel! I'm hoping for some really explicit scenes to "cum" about soon...

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Hehe. Thank you so much for the feedback :) Well, there ARE some future scenes written in the story - but I haven't gotten to them just yet. Be patient :)

I'll try to be.


The story was quite entertaining. Too bad it ended when the things got more interesting :) 

I noticed that sometimes you write about the main character in the third person, while for most of the time it's in the first person. Except of that you could add some simple decisions - even if they are not that important. It's just nice to have a feeling of decision making. 

Anyway like I said I really enjoyed the story, so keep up the good work.

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Thank you. I have more chapters being worked on. I was curious what chapters you noticed those third person/first person issues? True. I could add more simple decisions, and there may be more later of those types, but right now, I feel if the story needs a decision at any point in it, I will create one. :) After all, this game IS an adaptation of my novel of the same name. :)

Ah, don't get me wrong. I didn't mean there should be some crucial changes and important decisions.  It's just my personal thing I guess - when playing VN I just like to have something to click after certain amount of text. Anyway it's not a bad thing, like I said, story was interesting and I enjoyed it. It was entertaining and easy to read.

Also I don't remember where exactly I noticed those third person/first person issues. There weren't many of those anyway, just a few. And it could be me not understanding something. Sometimes you refereed to the main character in description as he or him, I think two times was something like "Grant did something", when normally you it was "I did something".

ah yes. The choices thing makes perfect sense. It is my first VN that I've been working on seriously and adapting it from prose is a bit difficult at times. And I think I tracked the first/third person POVs down. There were at least 2-3 sentences altogether in chapter 5-6 I found esrlier today. Thank you for pointing them out! :)