Grizzly Tech 1.30 Update!

Well, it's finally here. Chapter 10 is finally completed. 

Mostly, I wanted to finish the route variations more completely, before moving onto the next chapter. There's also a bad ending in this chapter if you aren't careful. For this reason, I strongly suggest maybe replaying, and saving at every 'chapter' for the moment. That way you can just reload from the beginning of the previous chapter, so you don't have to wade through all of the story so far. 


Completed Chapter 10

First NSFW scene with Brent with some 'slightly' inaccurate side images on Brent's dialogue - he technically should be 'nude', but I didn't have any yet. 

That's about it for now, and I nudged my 3D Modeler friend to help me revamp Brent - due to his computer having problems, and losing a bunch of 3D Assets. Thank you @Deevilj!! I appreciate you a ton for doing this for me. 

Uh, what else? Oh, the revamped sprites and side images for Brent should be in the game by the time the next update rolls by. I'm prepping them atm, to be able to be used. 

Enjoy the update, I hope! 


Files 72 MB
Apr 10, 2022 37 MB
Apr 10, 2022
GrizzlyTech-1.30-android.apk 53 MB
Apr 10, 2022

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Finally yay I missed this game thank you for posting

Download 1.31 if you can. I fixed a game breaking bug just now, lol. Sorry! 

Lol I was going to comment about the bug but then I saw this 🤣 thank you for the update sir

No problem :D

when you press start butten after a few sentences it Crashes.

Which version - PC, Mac, Android? 

Check out 1.31 now - the bug should be fixed now. :D